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I Do Myself

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The course is designed for women who feel the potential and ambition to build a career, develop a business, take place as individuals and at the same time maintain harmony in all areas of life.

– Separate yourself from your social roles, which will help to build harmonious boundaries with other people and give an in-depth understanding of your goals and ways to achieve them.
– Understand how to best realize your leadership potential.
– Understand exactly what you want.
– Get away from the daily rush to explore yourself and your desires

– Get rid of your own unreasonable fears, restrictions, doubts that prevent you from moving forward.

– Understand your strong and weak strategies for behavior in life.

– Find internal resources and sources of energy;

– Get rid of guilt and excess responsibility

This course will NOT teach you how to marry millionaires by the power of thought, concentrate the energy of the Earth and attract luck by round dance. This course is developed on the basis of practical psychology without the admixtures of esotericism and shamanism; all methods are scientifically recognized.



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