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My name is Oksana Maslennikova

I have been an entrepreneur in the field of warehouse logistics for more than 15 years. before that, I worked in large manufacturing companies. Given that I am from an ordinary Soviet family, where my mother is a teacher and my father is a worker at the enterprise, I had to build a career without support behind my back, then a business. As they say, from scratch.

In parallel, I studied not only my profession, but also my favorite thing for me — psychology (more information about education on the page “about me”). All my free time from business, I studied various areas of psychology, improved my skills, taught, and conducted individual consultations.

I like my business, I put a lot of effort into it. But my heart belongs to psychology.

So now I want to devote much more time to what I like and am most interested in.

On the site, I post posts on various topics in psychology, as well as webinars and training courses. You can also sign up for a personal consultation here.

The main directions that I disclose:

– development and personal growth;

– business psychology;

– psychosomatics (including its manifestation in business);

– interpersonal relationships (gender, as well as between the business owner and employees);

– women’s course (I immediately warn you, how to marry an oligarch is not the topic of my course);

– men’s program;

– languages of the unconscious (including sleep as one of the ways of communicating the unconscious with the conscious part);

– leadership and other topics.

It seems to me that the material is intended more for people who want development and outstanding achievements, are ready to go beyond stereotypes and don’t feel afraid to violate “public opinion”. Although most of the time it just seems to me. I have studied with great interest people who may not have an irresistible desire to go somewhere … beyond the horizon, but they have an interest and thirst for discovery. They kept their curiosity and desire to LIVE (and not, as they say in official language, to wait for the end of life). So, I invite everyone who wants to LIVE!

For those who consider themselves very moral, adhere to an extremely conservative lifestyle, who have formed their only correct opinion on everything, I think this site will not be interesting for you. It’s better not to read it, because I have no desire or intention to hurt someone’s feelings, upset or argue about something. I express my vision on various topics. You can ask questions, clarify. And I don’t have the time or the desire to argue. Thank you for understanding!

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The modern art. Part 2

My dear friends, please pay some attention and take your time to read this message from the legendary President of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Irina Antonova. “I think that in the first decades of the XX century, a huge historical period in art ended, including the one that began with the Renaissance. We...

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Consultations. Part 2

By studying the unconscious, a person gains the ability to influence his life. For example, it helps to notice the influence that an individual unconsciously exerts on others (people, situations) and in the same way to notice how other people unconsciously affect him. Without understanding the unconscious dynamics of events, people are only forced to […]

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Consultations. Part 1

In the previous post, I announced the option to make an appointment for individual consultations. Today, for those who have never been to my consultation, are only familiar with my publications on social networks, or are not familiar with me at all, I will describe the key areas of my work. To summarize, the main […]

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An appointment for consultations is open from the second half of April. There are a few free days in May available as well. Consultations are having a place online. June: offline recording will be open. I will work for a few days in Moscow. An appointment for a consultation in Moscow is open as well. […]

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How to manage your power?

I have a lot of questions that I promised to answer. I’ll start with the most interesting ones in my opinion. “How to manage your power?” It is very important to learn to be aware of your power and learn how to properly invest it, or how to manage it. Most oftenly people know themselves...

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The effect of “projection” in psychology, in my opinion, is the most difficult thing to understand. I want to note that for a rational understanding — this effect is simple. Any person after reading the definition will say :”What’s so difficult in here?” And someone will add: “Yes, everyone around is projecting their own onto...

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